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Officiële Distributeur in België

Leverancier voor stalen en aluminium frame tenten,
zware kwaliteit commerciële Easy UP Vouwtenten en PE & PVC Partytenten

3m x 3m Easy UP Partytent Vouwtent PVC Pro-40 (Wit)

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Product code: 08789
Klasse: Zilver
Type frame: Easy UP / Vouwtent
Breedte: 3m
Lengte: 3m
Afmetingen: 3m x 3m (3 x 3)
Type frame: 40mm Aluminium
Materiaal dak: Polyester (PVC Coated)
Kleur: Wit
Totaal gewicht: 34.60kg

€474.99 €379.99

Inclusief 21% BTW

€392.55 €314.04

Exclusief 21% BTW

( Afgeprijsd met €78.51

Exclusief 21% BTW


30 Werkdag(en) levertijd.

Verzending in heel Nederland voor slechts €14.99, naar België tijdelijk €29.99.


Wist u dat al onze daken en zijwanden het ‘All Season Ribstop PVC’ doek hebben? 💡

Dit houdt in dat er meerdere lagen met dik draad door het doek zijn geweven. Zo kan het doek vrij flexibel blijven maar toch zijn kracht behouden. Verder een PVC-coating in het dak voor 100% waterdichtheid.

Een topkwaliteit Easy UP Partytent / Vouwtent voor commerciële doeleinden, met een mooie balans in sterkte, kwaliteit en prijs.
Het orginele Pro-40 frame, afkomstig uit de UK, is gemaakt van aluminium met een pootdikte van 40mm en 2mm wanddikte. Alle daken zijn gemaakt van professioneel 600 gram per m² 600D kwaliteitsdoek met PVC-coating. Alle Gala Tenten zijn 100% wind en waterdicht. Ontwikkeld met een eenvoudig op te zetten frame die staat binnen enkele minuten met slechts 2 personen.

Ideaal voor:

  • Promotie op evenementen,
  • Catering,
  • Verkoopstand,
  • Marktkraam,
  • Receptie,
  • Ontvangstruimte,
  • Rookruimte.


Nu met 5 instelbare hoogten

Positie 1:

Van de grond tot de zijkant: 1400mm
Van de grond tot het frame: 1440mm
Van de grond tot de nok: 2680mm

Positie 2:

Van de grond tot de zijkant: 1550mm
Van de grond tot het frame: 1590mm
Van de grond tot de nok: 2830cm

Positie 3:

Van de grond tot de zijkant: 1700mm
Van de grond tot het frame: 1740mm
Van de grond tot de nok: 2980mm

Positie 4:

Van de grond tot de zijkant: 1850mm
Van de grond tot het frame: 1890mm
Van de grond tot de nok: 3130mm

Positie 5:

Van de grond tot de zijkant: 2000mm
Van de grond tot het frame: 2040mm
Van de grond tot de nok: 3280mm


  • Alle daken zijn gemaakt van professioneel 600 gram per m² 600D kwaliteitsdoek met PVC-coating.


  • Zijwanden in draagtas die de tent rondom volledig kunnen afsluiten
  • Gewichten voor om de poten
  • Spanbandset met pennen
  • Grondframe
  • Zonnekap voor verkoop producten


  • Afmetingen poten: Hexagonaal 42mm x 42mm, (50mm x 50mm hoek tot hoek)
  • Gewicht frame: 29kg
  • Wanddikte 2mm aluminium profielen
  • Gewicht dak: 7kg
  • We gebruiken robuuste onderdelen die gemakkelijk te vervangen zijn
  • We gebruiken aluminium koppelstukken in het midden van het frame
  • We gebruiken grijze hamer geteste Nylon koppelstukken
  • We gebruiken 6061/T6 aluminium, ook gebruikt in onze grotere uitbreidbare frame tenten, deze zijn dus vele malen sterker dan onze concurrentie

Afmetingen van de verpakking

Frame - 170 x 32 x 32cm
Dak – 44 x 37 x 13cm
Totaal gewicht: 36kg
Totaal gewicht: 34.60kg


Buying Guide

At first glance, it looks like a Gala Pro Gazebo. At second glance, it still looks like a Gala Pro Gazebo.

Even on third and fourth glances, you would be forgiven for thinking that many of the cheap gazebos on the market were indeed an example of a great British brand, with strong and durable joints and of commercial quality standards.
But look a little closer, and you would realise something was awry. For emblazoned across its valance are not the words 'Gala Tent', but rather one of several other brand names instead. Manufactured by our competitors, the Pro range may look like a carbon copy of the Gala Shade Pro range, but at a closer look it is easy to see that it is made of cheaper materials and is of lower standard.

The reason why they are making clones is simple : it is a fantastic product, and if they make a cheap version, they can try and take Gala's customer base. These pop up structures are open imitations and aren't being passed off as fakes, with their Chinese suppliers manufacturing these rip-offs quite openly, and are surprisingly getting away with it.
The problem lies in the thorny issue of patent protection. Gala Tent has been manufacturing commercial quality gazebos with the Gala Tent trademark name for over 15 years. Our trademarks include 'Gala Shade', 'Pro-MX', 'Pro-40' and 'Pro-50'.

We have had reports that a number of small companies have popped up using our trademark names, some alarmingly were Chinese manufacturers posing as local companies. We have stopped many in their tracks, however it is a constant battle to protect our Intellectual Property from third party abuse.
Upon investigating these products were found to be very cheap imitations with poor design and build and definitely not built to last. For example, our competitors' joints are brittle and made from cast aluminium or PP plastic. Our joints are made of profile aluminium or nylon, which offer a very a advanced strength. Nearly all these companies are advertising that their frames are just as good as ours, so we did a case study and we found some shocking results.
Remember, if you are going to buy cheap, you will end up buying twice.

The reality is that you can only purchase a Pro-40 from Gala Tent!


Average Review Rating: 4.8 Uit 5
5 Reviews
5 Uit 5
Datum/Tijd van de review: 19-09-2015
Naam Klant: [Anoniem]
United Kingdom
"It was big and heavy bag, when I received the gazebo. Outside when I fold out the tent I became convinced the size and weight is very important. The gazebo is very easy to fold out, is quite heavy so it is perfect to also for barbecue and for small business. I am very happy. Everything works correctly and looks like very professional. Thanks."
5 Uit 5
Datum/Tijd van de review: 20-08-2015
Naam Klant: Mr John Burnham
United Kingdom
"Previously purchased from the website as its nice and easy, recommended"
5 Uit 5
Datum/Tijd van de review: 06-08-2015
Naam Klant: Mrs Cathy Fletcher
United Kingdom
"I bought my garden gazebo on the advice of my husband who had previously purchased one for use at work at exhibitions. His view was - you get what you pay for and he was right! I'd previously bought a much cheaper garden gazebo from a supermarket and it lasted 4 weeks before it blew down and was wrecked. I've now had my Gala gazebo through 2 french summers - offering great protection from the sun. It is also extremely solid and withstands the occasional strong gusts of wind which blow through the region. The product is well made and extremely sturdy and comes with the option (needed in our case) of strong tie-down straps."
4 Uit 5
Datum/Tijd van de review: 04-08-2015
Naam Klant: Mr Stephen White
United Kingdom
"The reason i rebought from gala tents is there driving force at the office with the answers. The pop up Gazebo product of very good quality and quickly delivered on time would recommend them to anyone who is looking for reliable with a backup of parts. The only thing when i was quoted a price for gutter kit all i got was just sent, the gutter piece and was not told that you need the two side panel parts to join them together, to make it work, which i think should be part of the gutter kit. They could be sold separate as parts but not as kit ok, otherwise excellent. Something that would be advantage would be a thin nice fitting slide able half bag with strap on to hold it tight together in the middle while you move it in to the caring bag, as i have trapped my finger in it, i made a bag and it has made it a lot better with easy strap woven round it. But: overall very good product for the price. "
5 Uit 5
Datum/Tijd van de review: 15-09-2014
Naam Klant: Mr Rob Passmore
United Kingdom
"Your product was a great success with us being sooo much easier to use than our standard heavyweight market stall. We even convinced Dartmouth Regatta Committiee to purchase one of your 3mx3m gazebos."

Zijwanden voor uw Easy Up Vouwtent

Op zoek naar een volledige set zware kwaliteit zijwanden die uw Easy UP Vouwtent rondom kunnen afsluiten? Bekijk onderstaande sets. Geleverd incl. opbergtas!

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